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COVID Updates & Related News

COVID-19 Plan (8/22/2022)

Mask Update (3/8/2022)

Masking Press Release (2/28/2022)

Mask Update 2-24-2022

OHA Mask Q&A (2/17/2022)

"Mask Updates" 2-07-2022

"Test to Stay" Brief: 2-2-2022

School Year 2021-22 COVID Policy: No Masks or Social Distancing
July 15, 2021

April 6, 2021 Quarantine Update 

 Enterprise School District - February 26, 2021 Quarantine Update & Schedule

 Enterprise Schools COVID Update February 16

 10.14.20 Superintendent Letter

Dear Outlaw Families,

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for doing your part with making sure your student(s) stays safe during this global pandemic. Teaching the importance of handwashing, wearing face coverings, maintaining 6 ft. and avoiding large gatherings from one another is working. Enterprise School District has been in session now six weeks and we are extremely pleased that our school doors are open and hope to remain open with the hard work we are all putting forth. In closing, I want to thank you again for standing by Enterprise School District and with our students during this difficult time. Take care of yourselves and look after each other. We will get through this together, there are better days ahead!

Continue to stay the course, Ms. Pinkerton, Superintendent

 9.16.20 Schools to Remain Open at Enterprise School District

Today OHA released the weekly report of COVID-19 cases across the state.  Wallowa county had an increase this last week as 6 people were diagnosed with COVID-19.  This email is a result of collaborating with OHA and Dr. Powers regarding the school remaining open.  I will be sending out a caller to all parents to provide them with this information as well.

The Oregon Health Authority September 16th update, released at approximately 1:00 p.m. today, reports six (6) new cases of COVID-19 in Wallowa County.  You will find the information here:


Dr. Jeanne (OHA) has reviewed the information about the cases closely with Dr. Powers (Wallowa Co.) and at this time we have not identified any risk to the community or schools in Wallowa County.  Since Wallowa County schools reopened under the small-county exception, the districts would make any decision to transition to comprehensive distance learning based not on the county case rate (which will be much higher this week), but instead on an assessment of the spread within schools and the broader community.  OHA’s conclusion is that there is no indication of either at this time and thus a public health recommendation to shift to comprehensive distance learning is not warranted based on the information we have at this time.

Given the confidence of both our local health providers and staff from Oregon Health Authority, we are confident in our decision to keep our schools open.  We will continue to reevaluate our status and update our families and students as information becomes available. 

Thank you for your continued partnership in educating our students and keeping our community safe.


 Announcing the Online Learning Option - Virtual Academy at Enterprise School District

The Enterprise School District has partnered with the educational materials publisher Pearson, to use their online curriculum Connexus.  In grades K-6, a certified Enterprise School District teacher will supervise the progress of the online students.  (The other mode of learning available for school year 2020-21 is on-site, which is traditional in-person classroom learning.)

Visit the Enterprise Virtual Academy page here.


 Enterprise School District Re-Entry Blueprint

The following document reflects the plans in place to safely open the Enterprise School District to on-site student instruction in September 2020.

Read the blueprint here.



8.24.20 Schedule for Technology Pick-up 

Pick up of Chromebooks and iPads at the school will be Monday September 1 from 8-10 a.m.  These devices are available for students attending the online Virtual Academy.  Your teachers will contact you to see if you need a device.

View the flyer here. 



8.24.20 Schedule for Virtual Academy Online Open House

Attend an open house through Google Meet with the online teachers of the Virtual Academy on September 2 at 6:00 p.m.  Google Meet Code is contained in the following flyer.

View the flyer here.



8.14.20 Summary of Student Experience on Return to On-Site School at Enterprise School District

A summary of school conditions and safety measures to be expected for students who return to on-site learning at Enterprise School District.

Read the 8.14.20 summary here. 



8.12.20 Notice Regarding Student Transfers to Enterprise School District

A policy clarification regarding students transferring to the Enterprise School District has been issued.

Read the 8.12.20 clarification here. 



8.11.20 Update Regarding State Metrics to Allow School Re-opening

The State has generated new guidance that impacts the re-opening of the Enterprise School District.

Read the 8.11.20 guidance review document here. 



8.06.20 Update Regarding School Year 2020-21

Dear Outlaw Families,

We are hopeful that on August 11th we will have a decision from Governor Brown as to if she will revise the current proposed Metrics for reopening.

The Enterprise School District Reopening Plans are currently being further developed to meet the state’s new guidelines which were announced today. Please check the district webpage www.enterpriseschool.org on Thursday, August 13th to review the plan. If at any time you have questions about the reopening process please contact Superintendent Erika Pinkerton at 541-426-3812 or by email

Erika Pinkerton, Enterprise School District

8.05.20 OSAA Announces Sports Schedules for School Year 2020-21

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 The OSAA has released their guidance policies for school sports and practices.

Read the 8.05.20 guidance document here.
Read the 8.05.20 OSAA comprehensive guidance and season schedules here.


8.04.20 Announcment Regarding School Start Date September 8

 The Enterprise School District has released a statement regarding the current status of school openings this fall.

Read the statement here.

The Online School Participation Form mentioned in this statement can be downloaded here. (Link coming soon!)

7.28.20 County Schools Reopening Update

 The School Districts of Wallowa County have released a statement regarding the current status of school openings this fall, based on supplemental guidance provided by Governor Brown on July 28.

Read the statement here.

7.10.20 Enterprise School District Reopening Update 


  Enterprise School District is pleased to announce that we will be opening as a Hybrid Learning Model - which means students will attend school On-Site or students can register to attend school online.

There will be frequent updates as ODE will have scheduled updates every three weeks. Check out updates on our Facebook page and our district website www.enterpriseschool.org so please stay tuned!

On-Site Hybrid

Students in grades K-6 will be assigned to a teacher. They will remain with this teacher, and this cohort "team" of students, all day. The cohort "team" model will apply to secondary as well and details will be worked out by August 3rd and will be communicated to parents.


It is important to note that online school is NOT the same as it was during distance learning. It will be more rigorous, it will be more scheduled and it will be graded. Online students in grades K-6 will participate with their classroom and their teacher throughout the day utilizing in class cameras as well as complete assignments through Google Classroom. Students in grades 7-12 will have a set schedule and they will participate in Google Classroom with their teachers. Each secondary teacher will have online students as well as on-site students. Students registered as online Enterprise School District students are still part of the full Enterprise School District. They may participate in athletics and activities, they may attend school functions and be recognized for awards, etc.

On-Site Hybrid students may attend online school for part of their school year. If quarantine is necessary or other situations make on-site school unavailable for a period of time, students will be able to maintain their studies online.

Respectfully, Erika Pinkerton & Blake Carlsen 

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