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Physical Restraint and Seclusion 17-18

2221 -- Enterprise SD 21

Collection IDCollection NameInstitution IDInstitution NameAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native Race Physical Restraint Student CountAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native Race Seclusion Student CountAsian Race Physical Restraint Student CountAsian Race Seclusion Student CountAfrican American Race Physical Restraint Student CountAfrican American Race Seclusion Student CountSpecial Education Physical Restraint Student CountSpecial Education Seclusion Student CountEconomically Disadvantaged Physical Restraint Student CountEconomically Disadvantaged Seclusion Student CountFemale Physical Restraint Student CountFemale Seclusion Student CountHispanic/Latino Ethnic Physical Restraint Student CountHispanic/Latino Ethnic Seclusion Student CountIncidents Resulting in Injury or Death CountLimited English Proficiency Physical Restraint Student CountLimited English Proficiency Seclusion Student CountMale Physical Restraint Student CountMale Seclusion Student CountMigrant Physical Restraint Student CountMigrant Seclusion Student CountMulti-Racial Physical Restraint Student CountMulti-Racial Seclusion Student CountNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Race Physical Restraint Student CountNative Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Race Seclusion Student CountPhysical Restraint Incident CountPhysical Restraint Student CountSchool Institution IdentifierSeclusion Incident CountSeclusion in Locked Room Incident CountSeclusion Rooms Available CountSeclusion Rooms Available DescriptionSeclusion Student CountIncident Count Involving Untrained StaffDescription of Steps Taken to Reduce IncidentsStudents Placed in Physical Restraint or Seclusion more than 10 timesWhite Race Physical Restraint Student CountWhite Race Seclusion Student Count
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1898PhysRstrntSclsn17-182221Enterprise SD 210000000000000000000000000002221000empty room in principal's office00N/A We have not had any incidents000
1898PhysRstrntSclsn17-181090Enterprise Elementary School                                      
1898PhysRstrntSclsn17-181091Enterprise High School